I have been passionate about research ever since I was an undergraduate student. Today, that passion has grown even stronger and I am always eager and excited to work on new projects. I am very interested in the consumer behavior field. Particularly I am interested in the physical environment, and all kinds of design aspects as well as how to they impact the consumer. I am very interested in experimental research. Biophilic design is an area that I have done more research, and I aim to expand on it even further. I am always open to new collaborations.

Bellow you may find most of my published work in peered reviews journals, industry articles, open access book chapters, cases studies, etc.


Published Work, Journals


Impact of Employee Meals on Employee Satisfaction and Hotel Financial Performance: An Experimental Study

Luana Nanu Auburn University


Cihan Cobanoglu University of South Florida


Ibrahim Hakan Yilmaz Barut Hotels


Timucin Dis Barut Hotels

It is common for hotel employees to receive several benefits tied to their workplace; in some cases, these benefits are in a nonmonetary form. Several hotel companies, in both developing and developed countries, offer employee meals as a nonmonetary form of benefits. By using secondary data on employee satisfaction prior to and post staff cafeteria renovation, this study investigated the impact of employee meals on employee satisfaction and hotel financial performance. The findings showed a significant and robust correlation among the quality of the employee meals, employee satisfaction, and financial performance of the resort.

The effect of hotel lobby design on booking intentions: An intergenerational examination

Nanu, L.

Ali, F.

Berezina, F.

Cobanoglu, C.

This paper aims to understand what elements of the hotel lobby design influence guest booking intentions. Lobbies are the first point of face-to-face communication between guests and staff upon arrival, impacting the initial guest perception of the property as well as playing an essential role in creating first impressions. Building on the Stimulus-Organism-Response framework, the study investigates preferences of millennial and non-millennial travelers towards hotel lobby design concerning style (contemporary vs. traditional) and biophilic elements (present vs. absent). This quantitative study is designed as an online, virtual, scenario-based experiment. The hypotheses were tested using MANOVA, ANOVA, and linear regression. The findings of the study reveal that the lobby interior design style has a significant impact on booking intention across different generations. Moreover, millennials are more impacted by the design style of the hotel lobby than non-millennials. Biophilic design has also been found to impact the satisfaction and emotions of guests across different generations.

Small garden, Big impact: Emotional and behavioral responses of visitors to a rooftop healing garden in a major hospital

Martin, K.

Nanu, L.

Kwon, W.

Martin, D.

The purpose of this study was to measure hospital visitors’ satisfaction with a rooftop atrium and its resultant impact on the visitors’ behavioral intentions toward the healing garden, the hospital, and overall satisfaction with the hospital.

Response rates In hospitality research: An overview of current practice and suggestions for future research

Ali, F.

Ciftci O.

Nanu, L., Cobanoglu. C. Ryu, K.

In this paper, we examine published research in six top-tier hospitality journals to explore response rates for different survey distribution methods across specific characteristics like research context, respondents, and geographical regions. Data were analyzed from 1,389 papers published from January 2001 to December 2019. By looking at a large set of published response rates, distribution and enhancing methods and type of respondents, findings from this study will aid researchers in designing more effective surveys and successfully collecting necessary data. The implications for response rate in hospitality research are also presented.

Other (Book Chapters, Case Studies, Industry Articles)

  • Nanu, L., Liu, T., Howard, A. (2021). Outsourcing Kitchen Hotel Labor in Turbulent Times. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Cases (Accepted, publishing in progress)

  • Cobanoglu, C., Nanu, L., Ciftci, L., Berezina, K., Cavusoglu, M., Ali, F. (2021). The Impact of Inline Questions on Online Survey Response Rate and Quality. Contemporary Research Methodology for Tourism and Hospitality. [Book Chapter, Emerald Publishing]

  • Cobanoglu, C., Ali, F., Shahtakhtinskaya, K., Nanu, L. (January 25, 2021). Yes, customers do like it when waiters and hairdressers wear a mask – especially if it’s black. The Conversation. [ It was also picked up by The Boston Globe and published in print]

  • Cobanoglu, C., Shahtakhtinskaya, K., Nanu, L., Ali, F., Mistry, T., & Munkhtuya A. (2021). U.S. Faculty Salary and Satisfaction Report. University of South Florida M3 Center Publishing.

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  • Nanu, L., Russen, M., & DeMicco, F. (2018). AirAsia and AirAsia X: A Case Study.  Strategic Management for Hospitality & Travel. Kendall Hunt publishing company.

Refereed presentations at conferences

  • Nanu, L., Traynor, M., & Rahman, I. New campus dining initiatives: What are students looking for, a mixed method approach. 5th Annual ICHRIE-SECSA Federation Conference, February, 2021. (Online)

  • Nanu, L., Tillery, H., & Rahman, I. An Assessment of American Hospitality Programs based on RateMyProfessor: A Big Data Approach. 5th Annual ICHRIE-SECSA Federation Conference, February, 2021. (Online)

  • Nanu, L., Cobanoglu, C., Ali, F., Shahtakhtinskaya, K., &  Rahman, I. The Impact of Mask Wearing on U.S. Customer Perceptions of Quality in Restaurants. Hospitality Graduate Conference, January, Houston, Texas, 2021 (Online).

  • Nanu, L., Le, L., & Gong, T. Translating organizational innovativeness to creative customer behavior. Graduate Conference, January, Houston, Texas, 2021 (Online).

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  • Nanu, L., Munkhtuya, A., Cobanoglu, C., Schrock, J., Yilmaz, I.Y., Dis, T. (2019). Impact of employee meals on employee satisfaction and hotel financial performance: An Experimental Study. International Association of Hospitality Financial Management Education (iAHFME) Symposium, November, New York, NY, 2019. [Best Paper Award]

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